Hawthorn Berry 山楂 🍒

Hawthorn Berry 山楂 🍒

Have you tried having Haw Flakes when you were a child? It was one of the all-time favourite snacks I favoured most during my childhood times. 😋

Hawthorn berry was recorded in Compendium of Materia Medica; it is often used as a herb in TCM practice for digestion-aids, relieving food retention, promotes "Qi" (vital energy) circulation and removes blood stasis. Furthermore, hawthorn berry has also demonstrated efficacy in lowering blood cholesterol, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and treating nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and even helps with weight loss too! 🤩

In The Overeater😋, we combined Hawthorn berries, Tangerine Peels, Cassia Seeds and Lotus Leaves, which bring out its delectable taste and aroma while including the benefits of these ingredients.

Hawthorn berries can also be used in our daily food recipe aside from tea recipes due to its sweet-sour flavour, such as Hawthorn Berry Porridge could be a delicious choice that comes with benefits of it too!

💖Gentle Reminder:
Hawthorn berry is excellent for folks who have digestion issues, bloated, and even high blood pressure or cholesterol level too.

Despite all the benefits it brings, Hawthorn berry is not suitable to be consumed by pregnant ladies and those who have existing diarrhoea conditions.

🍒山楂 ,别名山里果。