Food For Liver 护肝食物

If you're a fan of Mayday, you will recognise this line: "Staying up late chatting with you until our livers explode". Another relatable phrase we always hear - "Rage impairs the liver". People who get angry easily tend to have consequences on their liver and other factors such as smoking, drinking, and consuming high-fat foods can also contribute to an unhealthy liver!

Due to our stressful lifestyles, it is almost impossible for metropolitans to avoid staying up late or experiencing negative emotions. So how can we nourish our liver during our daily lives to protect it?

This illustration shows a few of the common herbs and food that can help nourish the liver.

Goji berries can help nourish the liver and kidneys, improve eyesight and prevent fatty livers; Those with night blindness (aka nyctalopia) and impaired vision can also drink tea that contains goji berries and chrysanthemum. (The Night Owl 🦉 and The Hustler ⚡️contain these two ingredients!).

In addition, cassia seeds (found in The Overeater😋) also have liver-clearing functions and help improve eyesight, makes them very suitable for people with liver deficiency and night blindness.

Jujube (found in My Little Sunshine☀️) can help nourish blood and soothe the nerves. It has the effect of immunity-boosting and aids in anti-oxidation. You can also try to whip up a soup with goji berries, jujube, and eggs in your free time! It can help nourish the liver and kidneys, invigorate the spleen and stomach and nourish "Yin".

Meanwhile, always try to maintain a positive mindset and, if possible, try to consume lesser alcohol, reduce smoking and rest before 11PM; these little steps are essential to protecting our liver!🥰




红枣能补中益气,养血安神。具有增强免疫力以及抗氧化作用。大家平时可以试试用枸杞子、红枣、鸡蛋做一道杞枣鸡蛋汤,可补肝肾, 养血除烦,适合肝肾亏损,脾胃虚弱的人食用。其他图中食材如萝卜,黄豆和杜仲都是健脾、补肾、养肝的一些常见药食材哦!


PS. 决明子和红枣这两种养肝药材也能在启茶的小吃货小暖暖里找到哦!