Twelve Hour Meridian Body Clock 十二时辰经络养生时间表

Hi Qi-chaers! Today, we would like to introduce the Twelve-Hour Meridian Body Clock ⏰ mentioned in the Huangdi Neijing. Each meridian of the human body has its most active time. Let's look into each of them, and we can also follow this timetable to maintain good health!

One of our customers' most frequently asked questions: when is the best time to drink our teas? If you take a closer look at the diagram above, you will notice that we have also included the suggested timings of when to drink which tea blends according to the ingredients and effects! Feel free to use this as a reference when having your cuppa 🍵 

However, this doesn't mean you must adhere strictly to the timetable when having the teas; you can still drink as and when you need, appropriately!

It is also highly recommended to consume only one blend a day to ensure the ingredients don't conflict amongst the different blends. 

At this point, you might be wondering why there are only twelve hours in the timetable 🤔 In the olden days, the unit of measurement for the time was a little different in China, where 1 hour back then is equivalent to our 2 hours now! The corresponding timings to the body's meridian schedule and what we can do to maximise health benefits are listed below:

05:00~07:00 ("Ruan Shi") - Large Intestine Meridian: 

It is advisable to go to the toilet to defecate. 

During this period, "Qi" blood will flow to the large intestine, which helps with excreting waste. Drink a cup of warm water after waking up, and then eliminate all the waste accumulated in the day! 

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07:00~09:00 ("Chen Shi") - Stomach Meridian: 

During this period, it is advisable to consume breakfast. 

Food consumed during this period is most easily digested and metabolised, supplying your body with the calories needed for the day. Food such as porridge, oatmeal, buns, etc., are recommended for consumption and try to avoid fried food early in the morning! 

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09:00~11:00 ("Yi Shi") - Spleen Meridian: 

Suitable to activate your brain for work, studies, or do some stretching activities. 

The spleen is responsible for the coordination of digestion, absorption, and excretion during the most vigorous "Qi" blood period. There is a saying in TCM that "the spleen governs the muscles". As the ruler of human blood, a good spleen will aid with good digestion, good hematopoiesis and blood quality. The better the quality of your blood, the redder your lips. 

During this period, the brain is most active and is the most productive time of the day. In addition, as the spleen controls the muscles and prolonged sitting isn't good for the body, office workers should get up every hour to do some simple stretching exercises, walk around and drink water.

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11:00~13:00 ("Wu Shi") - Heart Meridian: 

Suitable to consume lunch and have a short rest.

You can take a nap at noon to calm your nerves and help you feel energetic in the afternoon until night.

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13:00~15:00 ("Mo Shi") - Small Intestine Meridian: 

During this period, the small intestine is most productive. Its duty is to absorb the essence of the food that has been digested by the spleen and stomach and then distribute it to the body for the activities for the afternoon. Thus, we should consume our lunch before 1 o'clock if possible.

If there is "heat" in the small intestine, coughing and farting are common symptoms. To relieve these symptoms, do keep your body hydrated and relax your mind. Drinking plenty of water and tea is beneficial for intestinal detoxification and reducing the "heat". 

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15:00~17:00 ("Shen Shi") - Bladder Meridian: 

Suitable for drinking plenty of water. 

During this period, "Qi" blood flows into the bladder to remove wastewater from the body. Your body may feel warmer at this time, and people with "Yin" deficiency will notice it easily. Moving around or exercising will help with the body's fluid circulation, and drinking tea that nourishes "Yin" and relieves "heat" will be effective.

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17:00~19:00 ("You Shi") - Kidney Meridian: 

Suitable for moderate exercise and consumption of dinner.

During this period, the kidneys will help the body detoxify the waste substance, and you might notice you are more sensitive towards smell and taste. 

Do some stretching exercises (avoid strenuous exercise) to help the kidneys excrete toxins.

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19: 00 ~ 21: 00 (“Xu Shi”) - Pericardium Meridian: 

Suitable for resting.

The pericardium meridian is full of "Qi" blood, which protects the heart and preserves energy for the body. During this period, try staying in a good and relaxed mood by reading a book or listening to music to relieve your stress.

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21:00~23:00 ("Hai Shi") - Triple Burner (Triple Warmer, San Jiao) Meridian: 

Suitable to rest, meditate, and sleep.

The Triple Burner (Tripler Warmer, Sanjiao) Meridian is in charge of all the "Qi" in the human body and is responsible for transporting the "Qi" all around the body. Falling asleep at this hour will allow the body to get the best rest. This is also the time that you can gain your "beauty sleep"! 

Consider soaking your feet in a tub of warm water before going to bed can help promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue, relax your mind and make it easier to fall asleep. If you cannot fall asleep, try listening to music, reading a book, watching TV, meditating, and practising yoga!


23:00~01:00 (“Zhi Shi”) - Gallbladder: 

Suitable for sleeping as the bile undergoes its metabolic cycle and the bone marrow hematopoietic time. Falling asleep before midnight results in a clear mind, ruddy complexion and no dark circles (panda eyes) after waking up in the morning the next day. On the contrary, those who often cannot fall asleep during this time will have a pale complexion and dark circles. At the same time, due to the poor metabolism of bile detoxification, gall crystals and stones are more likely to be formed over a long period.


01:00~03:00 ("Chou Shi") - Liver Meridian: 

Suitable for deep sleep.

"Qi" and blood of the whole body will return to the liver, and the liver will proceed to filter the blood. For those unable to fall asleep during this time, your liver will have to still disperse energy to support your thinking and actions, resulting in the inability to complete the metabolic cycle. It will then lead to having a blue-grey complexion and gets easily irritated, prone to liver disease, and a dull complexion.


03:00~05:00 ("Yin Shi") - Lung Meridian: 

Suitable for deep sleep. 

The lungs will transport "Qi" blood throughout the body, and deep sleep aids in this transportation. During this period, the human body requires a large amount of oxygen. If you happen to wake up from coughing at this time, it is best to drink a glass of warm water, which can relieve your coughing and the lungs' dryness.










05:00~07:00 卯时 - 大肠经






07:00~09:00 辰时- 胃经






09:00~11:00 已时- 脾经







11:00~13:00 午时 - 心经






13:00~15:00 未时 - 小肠经





15:00~17:00 申时- 膀胱经






17:00~19:00 酉时- 肾经






19:00~21:00 戌时- 心包经:






21:00~23:00 亥时- 三焦经:







23:00~01:00 子时 - 胆经 





01:00~03:00 丑时 - 肝经 





03:00~05:00 寅时 - 肺经