Wellness Packs For Accenture Singapore's Recruiting Team Brought By Qi-cha x Hyuuga x Mingyan

Over the past few months, it was challenging for most of us to gather with our dearest colleagues, friends, and family members. Thankfully, there are still creative ways to send our love and regards to connect with our precious ones in life! ❤️✨✨ 

We started receiving more and more enquiries from employers who genuinely care for their team and are trying to send their employees a gesture to remind them of their well-being. This month, we are very honoured to be entrusted by Accenture Singapore's recruiting team in delivering the team these lovely wellness packages. We are very happy to be able to play a part in this and hope you enjoy what was prepared! 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️ 

In this wellness pack, it contains Hyuuga Artisan’s Nightbird Roll on, Ming Yan Bird’s Nest’s Honey Bird Nest drink and Qi-cha’s The Night Owl for Accenture’s hardworking owls to relax, detox, and nourish their eyes and throat! 😌😌

This wellness package would not have been a success without the support from Hyuuga Artisan and Ming Yan Bird’s Nest! These two local brands are likely not a stranger to many of you as we have collaborated with them previously! They are both amazing and offer quality products, do check them out if you haven’t! 

If you are also thinking of sending your team a customised wellness package, feel free to contact us and we’ll try our best in supporting your needs! ❤️



而这个月,我们非常高兴能够为Accenturesg的recruiting team送上我们的养生礼盒,感谢Accenture 对我们的支持和信赖,让我们有这个机会能够参与其中,也希望您喜欢我们准备的一切!🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️

在这个养生礼盒🎁中,它包含了Hyuuga Artisan 的Nightbird Roll on,Ming Yan Bird’s Nest 的蜂蜜燕窝饮料和启茶的夜猫子茶!希望这些产品会帮助Accenture 努力耕耘的夜猫子们放松、排毒、减压和滋养眼睛和喉咙!😌😌

在这里我们也要感谢 Hyuuga Artisan 和Ming Yan Bird’s Nest 的大力支持,让我们非常融洽地完成了这次的合作。相信大家对 这两个本地品牌都并不陌生,因为这是我们的老朋友和合作伙伴啦! 他们的产品品质都是棒棒哒,如果你还没接触过他们,可以到他们的website看看哦!