Brown Sugar 红糖 - 小暖暖

People are getting more and more health-conscious, and the idea of having a sugar-free diet is getting common. But, have you ever wondered if sugar is any good for our body? 🤔

In TCM’s perspective, brown sugar is warm, sweet in nature and goes to the spleen and stomach meridians.

It helps in nourishing Qi and blood🩸 , ☀️ warming the body, promoting blood circulation and relieving menstrual cramps.

Brown sugar is commonly used in TCM food recipes, e.g. brown sugar ginger soup containing brown sugar, jujube, and ginger, which helps relieve menstrual cramp and discomforts for cold congelation and blood stasis.

Here are some of the symptoms of cold congelation and blood stasis of menstrual cramps:
😥Afraid of cold, cold body
😥Menstrual cramps during and pre-menstrual cycle that usually feels cold at the lower abdominal area
😥Cramps got more serious when the person is cold and feels better when applying heat treatment
😥Scant and dark coloured flow with blood clots
😥Pale face and tongue colour

☀️☀️Qi-cha’s “My Little Sunshine” is designed based on this TCM food recipe and added on with an additional ingredient - roses; it adds a pleasant scent and helps in mood calming and soothing!🤗😌

⚠️Though brown sugar has its benefits, we should be cautious in consuming it in an appropriate dosage and still keeping a balanced diet! Also, avoid consuming if you are diagnosed with diabetes patients and those who easily get heaty (Yin-deficient)!