Goji Berry 枸杞 🍒

Goji Berry 枸杞 🍒

We always find “Goji Berry” or “Wolfberry” easily as one of the ingredients in Chinese cuisines. They are the little orangish berries that have a sweet-slightly sour taste, often found in our Herbal Chicken or Spinach soups, typically used to lighten the dishes’ taste and appearances.

However, the benefits of Goji berries are far more than these, it is very delicious indeed (I like it very much personally 😋) but it is also widely used as a traditional medicine in TCM’s prescriptions.

There had been records about Goji berries in both Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing (2000 years ago) and Compendium of Materia Medica (16th century). It helps in improving eye function and nourishing liver and kidney; many believed it could help in strengthening the general body immunity and prolonging lives as well! 

Besides the Chrysanthemum buds that we talked about yesterday, Qi-cha’s The Night Owl’s 🦉blend uses Goji berries as well! We use top-grade Goji berries for our teas. While adding a natural-mild sweetness flavour to the blend, it further amplifies the protection for our eyes while working all day long, staring at laptop screens or books. 

PS. Other than The Night Owl🦉, you can also find Goji berries in The Panda🐼 and The Hustler⚡️!






PS. 另外,除了夜猫子🦉,枸杞也是小熊猫🐼和铁娘子⚡️中的其中一个重要的材料哦!