荷叶 Lotus Leaf 🍃

荷叶 Lotus Leaf 🍃

Lotus leaf rice is not a stranger to us dim sum lovers (pretty sure you can tell that I’m a foodie by now 😋). Lotus Leaf is a plant of the lotus family and is referred to “He Ye” in Chinese cultures. The lotus leaf is used in many cultures to stop bleeding, and is a common treatment for blood in the urine or for heavy menstrual bleeding.

In TCM, lotus leaf is classified as neutral herbs, it tastes slightly bitter, targets the heart, liver, and spleen. It is used to clear the excess dampness that is associated with water retention and weight gain, and to clear heat toxicity while strengthening “Spleen Yang.” Besides, it is mostly used for clearing heat and removing toxicity but can also aid in promoting diuresis, cooling the blood and healing cuts and scrapes. It can be used to treat diarrhea and skin disorders.

Traditionally, it is used as a treatment for the digestive and circulatory systems. Because of its bitter qualities, it causes the stomach to secrete more stomach acid, which can aid in food digestion. Recent research also explains how this natural element is effective in weight loss for humans.

According to a recent study conducted by Korean nutrition and metabolism scientists Ji-Yung Park and Huan Du, the study confirmed that lotus leaf slowed the absorption of fat and carbohydrates, increased energy expenditures and rapidly increased lipid metabolism. The study also stated that lotus leaf significantly reduced the increase of weight in those tested.

In The Overeater 😋, we have combined Lotus leaves together with Hawthorns and Tangerine Peels, which can further boost up it’s effectiveness in digestion-aids, slowing down fats absorption and weight-loss!

相信大家对荷叶都不陌生,点心店就常有荷叶饭,那也是我必点的食品之一(大家应该不难发现我是个名副其实的吃货了吧 :p)


从化学成分来说,荷叶中的荷叶碱含有多种有效的化脂生物碱,能有效分解体内的脂肪,并排出体外。它密布人体肠壁上,形成一层脂肪隔离膜,阻止脂肪吸收,防止脂肪堆积。根据一个2010年由韩国科学家Ji-Yung Park和Huan Du的研究,荷叶中的成分能有效慢化脂肪和碳水化合物的吸收和提升身体的能量输出和脂肪的代谢。证实了荷叶能够大大的减少体重上升。