🍊Tangerine peel 陈皮

🍊Tangerine peel, aka "Chen Pi" has a lengthy history in TCM usage and also used as an ingredient in cooking. It has the fresh citrus peel's aroma with a hint of sweetness and slight bitterness.

It is often used to treat indigestion, diarrhoea, vomiting and other forms of digestive issues, including certain types of coughs (specifically, wet coughs with excessive phlegm production).

Many of us tend to get confused with orange peels and tangerine peels; it is easy to purchase it off the shelf, people start making their own dried tangerine peels at home to enjoy the benefits. However, we should be aware that boiling fresh tangerine peels will not bring out the same benefits as the dried ones as its contents would change over the process of ageing. It needs to be dried for at least 3 years and above in a specific environment to be used as TCM herbs and bring out its benefit.

We have included Tangerine Peels as one of the key ingredients in 😋 The Overeater to help with digestion and bring a pleasant citrus aroma to the blend!