Tips on brewing and storing 储存和冲泡中医养生花茶小贴士

Qi-cha's tea blends consist of herbs, flowers, seeds and dried fruits. Unlike the ordinary teas (black tea and green tea), the brewing time for Qi-cha's collection is longer to bring out the best taste from the ingredients, which takes about 6-8 minutes. You might find the taste of our blends to be milder compared to most of the teas that you have had; hence, you can also add in some honey according to your personal preference!

As our ingredients are natural without preservatives, the tea sachets need to be stored properly to ensure its shelf life and freshness. We would recommend to keep it in the fridge together with our metal box for the best condition to reduce exposure to humidity and pungent odour.

Drop us a PM if you have any questions :) !

Enjoy your cuppa tea 🍵!