[Refill Pack] 小暖暖 My Little Sunshine

[Refill Pack] 小暖暖 My Little Sunshine

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There is always a period of time where you seek extra warmth, and your sunshine is just a cuppa away. My Little Sunshine warms you up like a ray of gentle sunshine; it is specially designed to alleviate the discomfort caused by menstrual cramps, mood swings, cold hands and feet, and Qi and blood deficiency. 

材料 Ingredients 

干姜 红糖 红枣 玫瑰
Dried Ginger, Brown Sugar, Jujube, Rose

益效 Benefits

温中逐寒 养血温经 补血正气 行气解郁 
Warms the body and dispel cold, nourishes the blood, mood calming

冲泡方式 To Brew

Pour 100°C water over one teabag and infuse for 6-8 minutes for one cup, remove the tea bag and serve.

保存 To Store

保持干燥冷藏 Store in fridge for best condition

禁忌 Caution 

Avoid consuming if you have the symptoms of constipation, diarrhoea, and excessive menstrual blood loss. Consume with an appropriate amount if you have diabetes, haemorrhoids, or your body composition is Yin deficiency with effulgent fire.

Recipe vetted by certified Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor

1 - 10 x 茶包

1 Pack - 10 x Sachets


The product’s benefits are derived from the ingredients and herbs’ benefits in reference to the Traditional Chinese Medicine studies. The effect of the product varies according to the individual's body constitution.