[Refill Pack] 小熊猫 The Panda

[Refill Pack] 小熊猫 The Panda

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Don't you hate it when you are ready to sleep in your bed, but your thoughts can't stop running around in your head and making it difficult for you to fall asleep? The Panda helps you to calm and relax your senses so you can have a good rest for the night.

材料 Ingredients

百合 酸枣仁 枸杞子 小麦 桂圆 
Lily, Jujube Seed, Goji Berries, Wheat, Longan

益效 Benefits

安眠 清心安神 滋补肝肾 养心气 除心烦
Sleep aid, Stress reduction, Digestion aids, Body detoxification

冲泡方式 To Brew

Pour 100°C water over one teabag and infuse for 6-8 minutes for one cup, remove the tea bag and serve.

保存 To Store

保持干燥冷藏 Store in fridge for best condition

Recipe vetted by certified Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor

1 - 10 x 茶包

1 Pack - 10 x Sachets


The product’s benefits are derived from the ingredients and herbs’ benefits in reference to the Traditional Chinese Medicine studies. The effect of the product varies according to the individual's body constitution.