[Refill Pack] 小吃货 The Overeater

[Refill Pack] 小吃货 The Overeater

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We live in a world where good food is everywhere, and it is hard to resist them; however, overeating may cause indigestion and feel bloated. As its name suggests, The Overeater is a lifesaver in helping our body to better digest and ease the bloating!

材料 Ingredients

山楂 荷叶 决明子 陈皮
Hawthorn, Lotus Leaves, Cassia Seeds, Dried Tangerine Peel

益效 Benefits

消食化积 清暑利湿 润肠通便 理气疏肝
Digestion and Urination aids, Body Detoxification and Weight loss

冲泡方式 To Brew

Pour 100°C water over one teabag and infuse for 6-8 minutes for one cup, remove the tea bag and serve.

保存 To Store

保持干燥冷藏 Store in fridge for best condition

Recipe verified by certified Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor

1 - 10 x 茶包

1 Pack - 10 x Sachets


The product’s benefits are derived from the ingredients and herbs’ benefits in reference to the Traditional Chinese Medicine studies. The effect of the product varies according to the individual's body constitution.