[Refill Pack] 夜猫子 The Night Owl

[Refill Pack] 夜猫子 The Night Owl

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Burning the midnight oil again to meet your deadlines? Having dry eyes, dark circles beneath your eyes due to sleeping issues, and looking at your computer's screen for long hours? The Night Owl would be your best partner to help in soothing these symptoms by protecting your liver and kidney.

材料 Ingredients

菊花 ,枸杞子,桂花
Chrysanthemum, Goji Berries, Osmanthus

益效 Benefits

Liver detoxification, Eyesight protection, Anti-inflammatory, Stress reduction, Skin enhancement

冲泡方式 To Brew 

Pour 100°C water over one teabag and infuse for 6-8 minutes for one cup, remove the tea bag and serve.

保存 To Store

保持干燥冷藏 Store in the fridge for best condition

Recipe verified by certified Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

1 包 - 10 x 茶包

1 Pack - 10 x Sachets


The product’s benefits are derived from the ingredients and herbs’ benefits in reference to the Traditional Chinese Medicine studies. The effect of the product varies according to the individual's body constitution.